Customized Dispatch Software

All your movements in one system. With all the cloud benefits for every dispatcher. Updated information just a frew clicks away.

  • Dispatch and Order Management
  • Driver App (Android & Apple)
  • Auto Text Messages on Dispatch
  • Quickbooks integration

GPS Tracking Solutions

Location Timing and Security
GPS Tracking helps control of your machinery. Movements, speeding, hours worked, remote start/stop, will all be at your disposition.

APP Rastrack CRT

APP to track your sales force!

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Suitable for shipping and third-party logistics companies!

When you have the ability to use Rastrack TMS you will control your timing with our dashboard and see the improvements on your process.

The more you use our Rastrack TMS the more you decrease time on freight management and more time working on other projects.

Rastrack TMS will help you move from freight one place to another efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively.

ELD Mandate Options

Automatically record a driver’s duty status and any changes in status, as well as the amount of time they operate the vehicle.


App localizacion de comerciales Rastrack

Improve your Dispatch Efficiency

Make Your Dispatch Team More Efficient & More Usefull with our system

Customer Satisfaction

Your shipper´s satisfaction will result in loyalty and service repurchase. Improve it with efficient container tracking across the country; benchmark your company versus competitors…

APP For Drivers and Sales force

Keep record of locations and destinations trough our app. Available for Android and iOS. Simply search Rastrack CRT !

14 years developing solutions with GPS for our customers!

Rastrack is your customized software!

Tradictional GPS tracking

Keep your merchandise and your customers safe.
So amazingly awesome and easy to use. Limitless customization and one of the best user interfaces ever. If you can dream it, this theme can make it come to life.

H&M Container


Automated Route Control

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Rastrack 360 for a full integration

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